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Thank You Pages: Don’t Miss Another Opportunity | Wix Web Expert Blogs

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

You've presumably gone over a thank you page without night acknowledging it since it comes in so a wide range of structures. At the point when you complete your online request or when you join to be on a mailing list, you're diverted to a thank you page. These are generally instances of thank you pages, and its forces are to a great extent ignored!

The motivation behind a thank you page isn't simply to state "much obliged". At the point when a guest makes a move on your page, it shows that they trust your site. They trust you enough to give you their contact data and perhaps some different insights regarding themselves in return for your substance, so why not utilize this establishment of trust as an occasion to free them up to additional?

Here is a portion of the things you can do to get those chances.

Ask them to follow you on social media

Your guests as of now trust you enough to leave behind their significant data, why not expand on this trust and associate with them via online media? Incorporate your online media handles on your thank you page and mention to your guests what they can pick up by following your records. When they begin following you, it will be simple for you to catch up with them with item data, exceptional arrangements, and offers.

Catch up with a unique offer

Have you seen that at whatever point you make a buy from Amazon, they will consistently prescribe different items for you to purchase after you've looked at? Amazon is an expert at utilizing thank-you pages thusly.

Offering extraordinary offers or items on your thank you page is a good thought. If the guest is agreeable enough to make a buy or accommodation, there's actually nothing preventing them from making a second. Restricted time offers function admirably on thank you pages since they give the guest more direness to make a move.

Showcase your best content

Other than telling your guests that you value their advantage, a thank you page is ideal for giving them speedy easy routes to different pages you have on your site. You can utilize this page to manage them to pertinent and moving substance on your site. This could be a blog entry, a video, a PDF download, or anything that you think will be helpful to your guests.

Regardless of what your main goal is, a thank you page is a certain fire approach to get you more snaps, and up your advertising game. Presently you can give it a shot with our Site Builder! Here's the way to begin:

Instructions to make a thank you page for your contact structure

You can undoubtedly make a thank you page in 3 stages:

1. Add and plan your thank you page

2. Conceal the page from your menu

3. Add the page URL to your contact structure for redirection

Add and plan your thank you page

The initial phase in making a thank you page is to add and plan the page. There are basically similar advances you would take to make some other pages on your site.

1. Open your supervisor and snap the Pages dropdown at the upper left.

2. Snap Add Page and select Blank Template.

3. Enter the page name into the Name field and when prepared, click Done.

4. Plan your thank you page by including the different components and instruments you need. Here's a thank you page that we've made for instance.

Add and design your thank you page

Of course, your webpage menu will list all the pages on your site. Since the thank you page should just be shown after a guest tap on the Submit button on your contact structure, you have to conceal the page from your site menu.

1. From the upper left menu, click on the Pages dropdown.

2. Snap the Settings symbol close to the thank you page.

3. On the Page Settings window, check the Hide from the menu alternative.

4. At that point, click Done.

Add the page URL to your contact form

Whenever you have made your thank you page and have concealed it from your site menu, you should add the page URL to your structure settings.

1. Open your contact page on your proofreader.

2. Snap on the contact structure to open the Webform menu.

3. Select Form Settings.

4. Under the General tab, enter the thank you page's URL into the Page Redirection URL field.

5. At the point when prepared, click Done.

That is it! We trust you appreciated perusing our interpretation of Thank You Pages and got an opportunity to give it a shot on our Site Builder.

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