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Create a User-Friendly Contact Page That Converts | Wix Web Expert Blogs

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

A contact page regularly gets more site hits than some other pages on a site. It's the place where guests discover approaches to contact and interface with a business. As a site proprietor, these endeavors of contact and interface are important – it's the place where associations with your potential clients start.

Shockingly, we've all observed too many contact pages that have been quickly put together like a reconsideration. Your contact page unquestionably merits more consideration.

In this article, we will turn out probably the accepted procedures just as tell you the best way to make an exceptional contact page for your site.

Contact page best practices

Here are the absolute accepted procedures:

1. Keep it straightforward

You would prefer not to put such a large number of obstructions between your guests and the contact data they are searching for. Keep your reach us page short, sweet, and direct.

2. Give guests what they need

At the point when you set up your contact page, make it simple for guests to connect with you. For instance, if you decide to utilize a contact structure, just request the basics, (for example, name, email address, and their message). Except if totally required, throw out the compulsory postage information, telephone numbers, and checkboxes. Structure fields like those are a significant mood killer.

3. Make it lovely

At the point when guests utilize your reach us page, they are opening themselves for a relationship with you. They need to find out about you, so focus on your get in touch with us page's plan. You need your guests to be eager to reach you.

4. Hotshot your character

Your duplicate ought to mirror your image persona. On the off chance that your crowd is the easygoing crows, consider a cheerful or even funny tone for your reach us page. You likewise need your reach us page to coordinate the remainder of your site.

5. Show individuals where and when to discover you

On the off chance that you will remember your location for your get in touch with us page, utilize a guide to pinpoint the area for your guests. Thusly, they can without much of a stretch recognize pertinent communications and travel courses. You may likewise need to incorporate your long stretches of activity so guests understand what hours to call and don't go up to shut entryways.

6. Incorporate an elective source of inspiration

You need to keep guests on your site, particularly if they choose not to finish your contact structure. Give them another alternative, for example, a connection to your included item or blog entry. You can likewise incorporate connections to your online media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

7. Redirect to a thank-you page

Nothing disappoints guests more than to know now if their contact request was sent through effectively. By diverting them to a thank-you page or essentially including a structure submitted affirmation message will console them the structure worked.

Making your own contact page

All layouts accompany a contact page. You can undoubtedly alter it to all the more likely fit your requirements, for example, add your own content and pictures. You can likewise utilize one of the contact page formats to take care of business.

If you'd like, you can decide to make a custom contact page utilizing one of the clear page formats and afterward include the ideal components. Investigate this contact page, it was made utilizing a clear page format.

Let us show you how it's finished.

1. Open your manager.

2. Snap Add from the side menu and select Pages. Snap Add Page.

3. From the page Categories, select Blank. Enter the page name (for example Contact) and when prepared, click Done.

Since the page is made, we can feel free to include the different components. We should begin with the left side (contact structure). We will start by adding a segment title.

4. Snap Add and select Text. Snap Section Title and the placeholder title will be added to your page. Drag the title to one side of the page and snap on it to open the content manager to change the content.

5. Next, we will add the contact structure. Snap Add as an afterthought menu and select Contact. Under Webform, select the ideal structure style.

6. Once more, simplified the structure onto the left half of the page, underneath the part title. As a matter of course, the structure accompanies the essential fields: Name, Email, and Message. If you need to add extra fields or rename the current field marks, click on the structure to open the structure manager.

On the off chance that you need further help with altering the structure handle, our bit by bit help article.

Other supportive articles:

Redoing structure settings

Redoing structure style

Since you've added the contact structure, we can go on and add the components onto the correct side of the page. Once more, we will initially need to add the segment title.

7. Snap Add and select Text. Snap Section Title and the placeholder title will be added to your page. Drag the title to the correct side of the page and snap on it to open the word processor to change the content.

8. Next, we will include the contact telephone number and other significant data. Snap Add and select Text. Snap Paragraph.

The placeholder title will be added to your page. Drag the title to the correct side of the page and snap on it to open the content tool to change the content.

9. If you have dynamic web-based media profiles, for example, Twitter or Facebook, it's a smart thought to add them onto your contact page. Rather than adding every one separately, you can utilize the Social Link Bar component to handily add and sort out the entirety of your social symbols. Snap Add and select Social. At that point select the ideal bar plan under Social Link Bar.

10. Drag the placeholder to connect the bar to the correct side of the page, underneath your contact data. Snap-on it to open the symbol coordinator.

Utilizing the symbol coordinator, you should enter your web-based media profile URL for every one of the symbols you need to show. This will permit our framework to connect the symbol to your online media profile page.

On the off chance that you need definite guidelines, you can follow our assistance article on the Social Link Bar for a bit by bit directions on the most proficient method to add, eliminate, interface and arrange your social symbols.

Since you've added the contact structure, telephone number, and online media symbols, we should add the location and guide.

11. Snap Add and select Contact. Snap-on the guide under the Google Map area.

The placeholder guide will be added to your page. You can relocate it to the lower part of the body zone, underneath the contact structure and social symbols bar. You can likewise utilize the corner handles to resize the guide with the goal that it better fits the page.

12. Next, click on the guide to open the guide supervisor.

13. Enter your location into the location field. This will eliminate the default address on the guide and supplant it with your genuine location.

You're finished!


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