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9 Stunning Examples of Accessory and Fashion Websites | Wix Web Expert Blogs

The best fashion brands convey a lifestyle, an appeal, an aspiration. The same can be said of fashion websites. Through beautiful photography, inspiring brand stories, and show-stopper promotions, a well-designed fashion website can influence visitor behavior in all the right ways. While fashion itself may be seasonal, the keys to a professional fashion online store are universal. Here are nine fashion and accessory brands that have amazing sites built on Wix. Aspiring designers and apparel retailers, take note.

What it's about: Gaucho Sur is a women's lifestyle brand influenced by the South American cowboy, "the Gaucho." And yes, it sells gaucho pants, among other stylish, comfort-forward


What makes it awesome: Consumers today want to know where their products are made and how the company they're buying from came into existence. Gaucho Sur gets straight to its mission with a dedicated Manifesto page, emphasizing the importance of its roots. A savvy fashion brand, it also integrates a dedicated Instagram webpage, with embedded Instagram posts and a call to follow.

What it's about: London-based, this jewelry brand is all about personalization. From cuffs and bangles to earrings and necklaces, Whistle + Bango lets shoppers create personalized enamel pieces for those special moments and people.


What makes it awesome: Social proof always makes a product seem more appealing. To that point, Whistle + Bango features a Friends page, which showcases celebrities in its products. With a swift hover, site visitors can see who's wearing what. To add a friendly dash to its site, the brand enables shoppers to ask questions in real-time using the Pure Chat app.

What it's about: Out of Portland, Oregon, Sobrino is a maker of locally, handmade leather bags, led by leatherworker Michelle Kline.


What makes it awesome: The site features stunning photography in all of the right places. From the homepage to the shop to product pages, its images show xobruno products on models and in typical white-background product shots. The site also features a blog, which takes shoppers behind the scenes. Overall, it's very easy to get a sense of the brand culture.

What it's about: MochiSu is a producer of Mochila croquet bags, made in Colombia by the Wayuu people and shipped worldwide. undefined


What makes it awesome: "Join the tribe," MochiSu's site implores with a pop-up email sign-up coupon upon entry. Then, beautiful photography flashes in large format sizes across the site. Its clean navigation points users to "New Arrivals," and one can't help but navigate to "Sale," especially given the top-banner message informing visitors of up to 50% off in discounts. This site really gives shoppers a sense of urgency with its organization and navigation.

What it's about: Out of Santa Barbara, California, CA Makes is a hairpin company run by bun aficionado Chelsea Aiello.


What makes it awesome: Hairpins aren't the most intuitive accessory. It can take many failed attempts to learn how to use one. That's probably why CA Makes's site features prominent inspiration photos as well as a helpful FAQ section and quick demo videos. Working with a product that requires visual demonstration? Help customers understand by showing and telling!

What it's about: Baby moccasins. Enough said. It's cuteness in a tiny shoe — the U.S. made and all of the feels.


What makes it awesome: As if baby moccasins weren't cute enough, Beautys and Gents help its customers navigate products by collections. We'd expect that for adult luxury, but it's much-appreciated for baby apparel as well! Classic, Metals, Food, Patriotic, Spring, Summer, Fall... the collections are wonderfully organized. If you get lost, you can always real-time chat with the team using the Tidio plugin.

What it's about: Best known for its headbands, Klara Kelly is an athletic clothing and apparel retailer based out of Marblehead, Massachusetts.


What makes it awesome: Beyond its active, fitness-focused product shots, Klara Kelly gives shoppers a noble reason to purchase. Its site navigation emphasizes its Make-a-Wish collection, from which a portion of headband sales are donated to help make wishes from critically ill children come true. The business also offers its headbands at discounted prices for fundraising efforts.

What it's about: Flexi Lexi is a Bangkok, Thailand-based fitness brand that producers, bralettes, yoga pants, and even mermaid tails!


What makes it awesome: Flexi Lexi is clearly a lifestyle brand. While its clothing is described as "flexible, fitting, comfortable and chic," its target audience could be described as fashionable, feminine, and fitness-aware. Flexi Lexi brings out the lifestyle aspect of its brand with a page about its yoga retreats in Thailand. Great movie for a lifestyle-centric apparel provider.

What it's about: With physical locations in multiple cities in Mexico, Raquel Orozco is a high fashion brand.


What makes it awesome: As a fashion brand, it's important to keep products moving. That's where display ads can come in on an eCommerce site. Raquel Orozco's site utilizes several ad spots — an initial popup, a top banner, and a large, mid-page placement — to point users in specific directions. Right now, the site is advertising its "Final Sale," where products are slashed up to 70% off. When in doubt, point it out!


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