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7 Best Ways to Write Great Product Description | Wix Web Expert Blogs

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

An image may be meriting a thousand words, however, that doesn't mean you should neglect to compose your item portrayals. While you don't have to compose a novel, your item depiction should provoke a purchaser's curiosity and offer subtleties that a photograph can't pass on. Here are seven principles to assist you with getting item portrayals right:

1. Start with the purchaser persona

A decent item depiction begins considering a particular purchaser. On the off chance that you attempt to interest everybody, you'll appeal to nobody. Envision you are discussing with your optimal client. For instance, do they like the humor or would they say they are the straightforward kind? Utilize the words and expressions they'd use.

2. Lure with benefits

It very well may be enticing to zero in on item includes yet don't disregard the advantages. Make certain to address the client's purchasing inspiration. In what capacity will your item cause them to feel? What issues does it unravel? You're not simply selling the item; you're selling the experience your item conveys.

3. Legitimize your descriptors


Mother Peacock Baby Owl infuses character into their item portrayals.

You may think your item is progressive, exceptional and the best, yet you should be set up to address one inquiry: Why? Descriptors without reinforcement are empty. It's acceptable to utilize bright depictions, as long as you give data that demonstrates them.

4. Animate the faculties


Nature's Kindle initiates customer's faculties with unmistakable item depictions.

An image may give a decent visual of your item, however, you'll likewise need to tempt the purchaser's different faculties by sharing words that portray sounds, scents, contact, and taste. Tangible modifiers help the client experience the item through words, giving a more complete depiction.

5. Incorporate social verification

Individuals are frequently influenced to purchase an item when it has extraordinary surveys, and you can sneak a portion of this into your item depiction. Add a custom statement to your depiction, a portion from a press survey, or the name of any honors or awards you've won. Individuals need to purchase famous or top-selling items, and this social confirmation helps support certainty and deals.

6. Make it simple to peruse


The Original Whiskey Ball utilizes list items to depict their item.

Ensure your item portrayal is intensive yet not excessively text-hefty. Utilize a couple of sentences to recount the story and afterward separate subtleties into list items. List items help convey the desired information rapidly and proficiently, and they add a visual component that can separate the page.

7. Use watchwords

The words you remember for your portrayals assist clients with finding out about and comprehend your items. Essentially, those equivalent words help web crawlers discover your items. Add watchwords your objective client may use to look for your item, and lift your inquiry positioning by having Google record singular item pages.

By composing convincing, precise, and complete item portrayals, you can expand deals and at last diminish the probability that your items will be returned. Consider item depictions like beginning a discussion with customers. You can manufacture trust and solid associations with your crowd utilizing words—since you pick them cautiously.

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