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Understand Your Traffic and Clients - Online Business | Wix Web Expert Blogs

Doing business on the Internet is easier than ever before.

It is also setting out to be a preferred method of starting a business venture because it's less capital intensive, more flexible in terms of your schedule, and who doesn’t just like the idea of working ahead of a computer in pajamas?

Getting an e-commerce website running isn't as big as a hurdle as a variety of years ago.

Website builders like Weebly, BigCommerce, Jimdo, Wix, etc all have excellent platforms for online entrepreneurs to urge their online businesses up and running.

Getting Consumer Feedback – difficult

Even though it's going to be easier to begin a web store, a serious disadvantage for running an internet business is that it's tougher to solicit consumer feedback.

A major consider continuous improvements for all aspects of a business is to get constructive feedback on areas like product, service, and price points.

When you are conducting an internet business, it's not precisely the same as a brick and mortar store when someone could verbally solicit feedback, or have customer feedback forms at the take a look at counters.

A universal challenge of all online businesses is to completely understand their target market, what do they need, what are their preferences.

As a business, irrespective of if it's a physical business or a virtual, if it doesn't deeply understand its target consumers, its chances for fulfillment or perhaps survival, wouldn't be very high.

So how could an internet business get into the minds of its consumers?

There are several tools, they are all free and effective Poll Daddy, iPerceptions, 4Q Survey, and Qualaroo.

There are more within the market but I've got had experiences using the three mentioned above.

All are very easy to implement – just sign on free, insert your questions and therefore the survey platforms will provide you with HTML codes for you to insert into your e-commerce website.

These surveys are designed to be non-intrusive. For KISSinsights and Poll Daddy, their survey participation tab is off to the side or bottom of the screen so it doesn’t get within the way of your website visitor.

For iPerceptions, there's a bit pop window that comes out when a visitor first visits your website which kindly asks them if they might prefer to participate in an exceedingly 4 question survey upon their exit.

If they choose to not, the perception will remember the request and can not attempt to re-engage the identical visitor again within the near future.


Personally, I've got gathered plenty of knowledge about my potential customers and existing customers which led to improved services, products, and client care.

It is always very interesting to urge a glimpse of what they're thinking, which is especially difficult if your consumer base is spread all around the world.

However, don’t expect to be receiving much feedback immediately. just like the physical world, useful constructive feedbacks are also rare, but they're gems.

The free tools I discussed above are there to help you along your journey in building a successful online business. But because it could be a future building process, so is that the process of receiving constructive feedback.


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